For Clients
The agency direction of the Company has been operating since 1993 and today it has established itself as one of the best in the field of servicing ships in the port Novorossiysk. Many years of experience in the field of agency services allows us to judge our reliability of the company and the high qualifications of our staff. An individual and flexible approach to each client and the expansion of our services are priority tasks.The company provides services by minimizing the client's problems related to the handling of ships in Novorossiysk. Continuous analysis of the summary data of the cargo terminals of the port Novorossiysk allows charterers and shipowners to receive timely information about the situation in the port, confirmed positions and approach of vessels, the number of cargoes, issued orders, etc.

The scope of our services:

  • Fast berthing arrangements
  • Cargo supervision
  • Arrangement of the provision of pilotage, towing and other port services
  • Signing ON/OFF and crew repatriation, medical support
  • Quick dispatch agreements for loading or discharging operations
  • Bunkers, luboil, fresh water, stores, provisions, spare-parts clearance and delivery
  • Supercargo services
  • Sludge, garbage removal
  • Prompt and reliable pre-arrival information regarding cargo/berth readiness
  • Repairs, inspections, surveys, certification
  • Prompt updates on vessels, cargo availability, ships line up, berth/terminal condition reports
  • Arrangement of vessel's towage and underwater inspection
  • Information on vacant positions (lay/can) in the port
  • Assistance in calculating the stability of the vessel
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